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Hey PAM,

Hi, this is the third installment to some of the current questions
some of you might have about online casinos.
I have added a list of some casinos that are currently using the new
law in the US to delay payments. If you know of any more 'rogue'
casinos, please let me know and I will investigate as much as possible.

Are bonuses randomly triggered?
Yes, in the case of a reputable casino they are randomly
triggered.... to a certain extent.
The casino sometimes 'seed' the bonus meaning that they cannot be won
before a certain time and must be won after a certain time.
This is more noticeable in the case of progressive jackpots, you will
notice that most jackpots are won around a certain value, ($20.000 or
$1.000.000 for example), this is because the trigger time or value
was reached.
But technically the casino does not choose who wins bonus. It only
makes it easier and easier to win the closer the casino gets to a
certain target.
I also do not know of any casino that 'choose' the country of the
winner or if they are big players or not.

Often some casinos advertise that the bonus 'must be won this
week-end' this is because they know that the computer has been instructed to
randomly pay someone who gets close to the trigger value or time,
(normally on week-end).

Loan account
Another note about bonuses and progressives, some casinos will not
pay out a certain bonus/progressive until an amount has been 'made'
from the game, (typically 20% to 50% of the bonus).
This is sometimes called the 'loan account'; until that loan has been
paid back the bonuses/progressives will not be won by anyone.
Of course the casino hopes to make a lot more than the loan amount,
(about 500%), but that is their way of making sure that they don't pay
out before they get to make some money.

What game is most profitable?
This is another common question, because everyone seems to have their
own little 'techniques' for each game.
But, as already mentioned, while no casino game played normally will
make you a winner in the long run, there are several speeds at which
you can lose.
Games like Roulette take longer per spins, but you usually spend more
on them than on the slot machines.

To make matters worse, each casinos have different rules for each
games, so it is very hard, (if not impossible), to say what game is
likely to offer the better odds, because the blackjack rules in one
casino might not be the same at another, (do they hit on soft 17?, can you
split on any 2 cards? Can you surrender?).

Nonetheless, as a general principle, if you want to lose money at the
slowest possible rate, play blackjack using what game experts call
"basic strategy."

In contrast, roulette is a money-burner because of the amount you
spend per spins and the odds are clearly on the side of the casino.
Craps doesn't help you either. Rolling a 7, has an even money payoff
that delivers a 1.41% edge to the house. The single-roll bets are
just ridiculous: an 'any 7' bet pays 4:1 and gives the house a whopping
16% edge.

Online Slots, on the other hand can offer the best odds, but that's
really up to the casino.
They can setup the reel to offer payouts ranging from 90% to 99%.
Most reputable online casinos will offer very high percentages,
(meaning you should loose less), in the region of +96% to +99%. This is
because of the competition between casinos themselves, they need to be
known to be high payers.
Some new casinos even set their machines to be at 102% or even 106%,
meaning you cannot loose with those machines.

There are a lot of systems, (like doubling your money after each loss
or the Martingale method). Those don't really work either for various
reasons, (one of them been the upper betting limit imposes by any

A small note about blackjack, although it offers you the best odds,
(apart from some slot games), card counting is not really possible
online, it is not illegal to count cards at all; it is just not possible
to do it.

Having said that, my two favorite games are Blackjack and Poker,
poker can be a lot of fun if you join a good table, even online. Some
tables can cheat, but after a while you know what casinos are the best.

NETeller going from bad to worse?
Regrettably the NETeller news that online players really want to hear
- when their funds currently frozen by the embattled e-wallet are to
be released - was not available.
At the time of writing this newsletter it looks like NETeller has no
immediate plan to release the frozen funds.

There was a press release at the end of march about a possible
agreement between NETeller and the US government that sounded promising but
some accounts are still frozen.
The announcement claims that all accounts should be released within
the next 75 days, (or at least make another announcement about it).
See ....

Expired Link. Check out our Casino Bonus Forum for a list of current bonuses.


Expired Link. Check out our Casino Bonus Forum for a list of current bonuses.

for more on the mater.

Sadly we will not know more until the middle of June, but it looks
like everyone will get paid in the end.

Bad casinos?
We have had reports or casinos not paying out, we are looking into it
and hopefully we will know more in the near future. All those casinos
are using the new laws in the US to delay payments. I cannot see any
good reason for them to do that.

- All Jackpots casino
- Grand Prive
- Blackjack Ballroom.
- Blackjack Casino
- Golden palace Casino
- Casino Kingdom
- English Harbor,
- big dollar casino
- Lucky Pyramid Casino

Other casino reported.
- Golden Palace, (the old Golden Casino), they seem to be under new
ownership and not doing too well.
- Intertops casino, don't seem to be limiting players from the states
that prohibit online gambling.

More questions
As always, please keep sending me any technical questions you might
have and I will try and answer as many as I can in the next


Simon Goodman

"Simon Goodman" <[email protected]>


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I got the same email. But I really don't know who sent it. Wish I had the first two installments. I thought the info was good. Book
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I've had three checks for $4000 and up each time mailed from big dollar within a week pretty recently....I wonder why their on the list????? Absolutely no delays on this end and the CASHIERS CHECKS were from CITICORP BANK OF NEW YORK. Go figure?
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